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La Crosse Alerte mobile Smart Home Environnement Système de surveillance, Beige


SKU: B0081URJHI. Catégorie: . Marque: . Fabricant: La Crosse Technology

La description

La Crosse Alerte mobile Smart Home Environnement Système de surveillance, Beige
Use your smartphone, tablette, or computer to remotely monitor temperature and humidity levels that affect your home, business, or vacation rentals. Receive text, e-mail and/or app notifications, when min/max levels are exceeded, when the connection is lost, or if the batteries are weak.

Prevent frozen pipes, mold or food spoilage. Monitor indoor/outdoor temperature and humidity with the sensor in your pool or garden pond, or aquarium with the 6 feet detachable waterproof wet probe. Add multiple sensors for other areas.

Monitor remotely while you are away from your smartphone, tablette, or laptop. Check up on your personal La Crosse Alerts Mobile account with the new and improved, easy to use mobile app and have the freedom to view your system’s current readings or any readings from the last 24 heures, download your history log and change alert settings anytime, anywhere. Gain peace of mind and protection with this easy and affordable system.

From your basement temperature to your attic moisture, you can utilize the sensors almost anywhere. With a wide variety of applications, you can monitor and protect indoor as well as outdoor, almost anywherehomes, vacation spots, businesses, and rental properties. Aquariums, pools, water gardens, or for livestock with so many more options. Location is what it’s all about and we have plenty of those where you can put your sensors. Add up to 5 capteurs (vendu séparément) per Internet Gateway.

  • Remotely monitor sensors 24/7 using a web browser. Measure temperature and humidity for wet locations: aquarium water tanks, terrarium environments, hot tub spas, swimming pools, greenhouses, outdoor pets and livestock, et bien plus.
  • Temperature and humidity measures: (1) Ambient air temperature; (2) Ambient humidity; (3) Probe temperature.
  • Temperature range: -40°F to 140°F.
  • A besoin 2 AAA Alkaline batteries (non inclus).
  • Text and E-mail Alerts first 3 months FREE; 1 year subscription available after for $11.88 yearly ($0.99 per month).
  • Couleur: Beige.

What’s included:

  • Contents include one wireless temperature and humidity sensor (5.23 H x 0.76 W x 1.44 D inches) with 6ft detachable wet temperature probe (measuring ambient air temperature, humidité, and probe temperature).
  • Also included Internet Gateway (4.75 H x 1.50 W x 1 D inches) with LAN cable and AC adapter.
  • New mobile appDownload the new La Crosse Alerts Mobile App onto your smartphone or tablet, available through Google Play or iTunes Store (also accessible through our website, on your computer).

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La Crosse Technology

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